about us

About us

AIAES is a firm formed by Miss Mary Suzan Joseph, a young lady in the year 2015 who is professional and passionate about her work to meet excellent quality, aesthetics technology and perfect passionate to every client’s requirement based on their taste and style of living. We at AIAES, involve ourselves as a team right from the beginning of the project followed by planning, designing, execution of the same under preplanned schedules with proper co-ordination to complete the project on time catering to the client’s needs by skilled, knowledged and experienced personnel. We are pride in our service, as we work – For the Client, By the Client and To the Client which means based on the interested design dreams of the client, fulfilling the required needs of the client and everything in-bound to the budget of the client.

Mary Suzan Joseph ( Founder and Director)

This Is Why You Choose Us

AIAES is a dynamic firm providing comprehensive design solutions for the Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Interior and Exterior works depending on the client’s interest. We are a fully fledged designing firm with a team of Innovative Designers and Decorators along with experienced Fabricators who help us in executing design dreams to reality products and services At AIAES, we cater to meet the client needs, design and make your dream come true in your budget with the result of good quality and warranted products in well interior-ed resident, beautifully furnished office space and trendy hospitality firms. We produce the product aiming to provide a delightful service that would make you feel that it had crossed your expectations.

Finally, our service will make you sure that you would come back to us for another project too…

Our Client handling process

AIAES is a professionally run designing firm which fulfills the clients requirement both in Interior and Exterior solutions with the supply of durable and finest customized products. We render our service in Residential, Commercial and Hospitality firms with modern and trendy designs in-bound to the budget of the client.

Our conceptual design includes Modern, Luxury, Classic, Premium, Ethnic designs in

  • Living, bedroom, regular to modular kitchen in Residential,
  • Reception, cabinets, workspace to pantry in Commercial and
  • Lounge bars, cafes, restaurants, salon, billing counters in Hospitality units.

Methodology adapted to work on projects

We start up with the preliminary meeting in which the Scope of the Project, Clients Goal and timeline would be discussed

To draft the structure of the specified project as discussed in the preliminary meeting so as to design accordingly

To sign the Quote and make advance payment to process the project further.

Presentation of designs to the client with various alternative options based on the client’s interest.

As per the designs finalized by the client, we present the design drawing (Technical) in the form of documents and sketches.

Planning, scheduling and executing the project so as to complete the project in the prescribed timeline

Completion / Closure of the project include handing over the site, invoices with other documents related to the invoice and warranty letters.

Abundance Glass and Glass Works

AIAES is also been participating in Glass and Glass works for most of its Interior and Exterior works.
AIAES offers plenty of design options in Glass for all sorts of projects which is been undertaken may be Residential, Commercial and Hospitality units with innovative designers and experienced professionals in tie up with Manufacturers, Builders, Contractors and Fabricators resulting in customers’ requirements, taste, need and budget.

The reason why AIAES adopts Glass to its Interiors and Exteriors is

  • Fabulous look
  • Value
  • Adaptability
  • Innovative
  • Safety
  • Natural Light
  • Creativity
  • Traditional Contemporary
  • Beautiful, Stylish and Versatile
  • Romantic
  • Unique
  • Spectacular
  • Modern
  • Energizing and so on

Glass in Interior and Exterior improves the Standard of Living of oneself